The SK Pang Raspberry Pi starter pack


I’ve started to build up little prototypes with my Raspberry Pis and since I got used to the prototyping setup I’ve got for my Arduinos which consists of a small plastic board which has an Arduino and a little breadboard mounted on it I set out to find something similar for the Raspberry Pi. Luckily I didn’t have to search far as said contraption is available from SK Pang and they even have it in two different sizes. They currently only sell the smaller version in form of one of their starter kits but the bigger one is available as another starter kit as well as on it’s own. Here are some pictures and links:


Small starter set:


Large starter set:


Large without the extra bits:



What’s in the box:

I tend to be short on space on my desks so I got the smaller version. This is what came with the pack I bought:

  • Two nicely cut bits of acrylic
  • Four plastic stand offs to mount the acrylic part with appropriate distance to fit a RasPi in-between
  • Eight screws to connect the stand offs to the acrylic plates
  • Four little rubber feet to put underneath the base plate
  • A small breadboard
  • 10 male/female jumper wires to connect the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins to the breadboard
  • A bunch of 5mm LEDs (4x red, 4x green, 4x yellow)
  • 12 resistors to run above LEDs
  • Two mini push buttons
  • 2x 10k resistors for circuits with above push buttons




Surprisingly easy I have to say. Screw the bits together, the RasPi sits safely in grooves cut into the stand offs, fit breadboard thanks to sticky back, fit little feet underneath, done!



Final thoughts:

I really like this one for three reasons. First off it’s affordable, second it fits the purpose, third it’s well made. The acrylic parts are carefully cut and had no marks or finger prints. All other parts that come with the set are of good quality as well and everything fits together nicely. Somebody even paid enough attention to ensure the jumper wires are long enough to reach all corners of the breadboard.

The only small downside is that one of the plastic stand offs is a bit close to the SD card slot which makes it a bit harder to insert the card. But then there isn’t really much room on that corner of the board and the stand off had to go somewhere so since it doesn’t really infringe on functionality I’m happy to accept this as a fair compromise :)


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  1. Going through the projects I am wondering if anybody else is interested in not only having a VNC server but also a VNC viewer available. I can imagine that, as long as there is no Flash player (and Netflix for that matter) available, I would like to remote control a Windows/Linux PC to stream videos or watch online TV.



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